Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spinach Eating Bag Lady..............

Katelyn is becoming quite entertaining in her uniqueness. She absolutely LOVES fresh spinach. She will scream for it like it is candy. If she sees someone else eating it she is automatically their BFF (best friend forever)! I have never had or met a child who liked spinach or ate it like candy. And just so you all believe me I captured the moment with a camera. (A video will be added soon)

Katie also loves to dress herself. Whatever I put on her comes off within minutes and she comes out with something else. She has developed a love for the odd, non-matching and layered look creating her own new line of clothing...........We call it 'The Bag Lady' look!!!

Lil' Bruiser................

Sammy is one tough little man. He is all about super heroes and beating the 'Bad' guys. He wants everyone to believe he is super and untouchable. Fortunately, we have been able to speak some truth into his unreasonable world. Jesus is now the biggest super hero of all for Sam and when in doubt he has learned to ask Him for help.

Joshua was recently asked to preach at a church so we took the kids with us. Before service had gotten under way Samuel wanted to go up behind the pulpit with his dad (also one of Sam's heroes). He beamed from ear to ear being up there with his Dad but on his way back to our seat he tripped over his own foot and went head-long into the front pew. He barely cried which I thought was him trying to be tough. Upon inspection of his head and help from a fellow in the congregation who was an EMT, I realized that Samuel was not crying because he was a little dazed. For about 2 days my 'spirited' child was not. I never thought I would worry about my child because he was acting normal! The large knot on his head didn't look so good either. I took the opportunity to pray with Sam and talk to him about God's healing power. After a visit to the doctor and a few days to let the swelling go down Sam was back to his old self. I see him growing everyday and I pray that with God's help I will be able to steward him. Maybe one day he will turn the world upside down.
This is Sam about 4 days after the fall. It actually doesn't look so bad here. After the swelling went down I thought it was going to heal quickly.................................These two pictures are after only 6 days........The doctor called it raccoon eye. The original wound drains down causing bruising around the eye.

It has been almost two weeks now and the bruising around his eye looks even worse. I don't have a picture but he looks like a movie star!

Big Guy.............

Noah is now 2 1/2 months and, of course, growing like a weed! He loves to coo and smile and be held. Here are some pictures of our 12 pounder!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

This morning was just one of those mornings. The kids started off the day whining and since I did not get that much sleep last night (Noah wanted some one on one time!!!) I was just a little frustrated during breakfast. I made pancakes and the kids were not too happy with that choice so I told them they did not have to eat breakfast. Samuel decided he did not want to wait to eat until lunch so he climbed up to the table and asked for a pancake. I gave him one and proceeded to try to help him with the syrup and cutting it up. Everything I did was wrong for him. He did not want the syrup on that way, or the pancake cut that way, or the one I gave him was not the right one etc., etc. I was trying to be patient but finally I had enough........... I looked at him and said in a frustrated tone, 'Samuel, I am done helping you. You have to do it yourself. I am leaving.' To which he scrunched up his nose and then looked at me, crossed his arms and said grumpily, 'Mommy, you 'posed to be happy.'

Now how do you respond to that?.......................................I looked at Joshua who was laughing under his breath and couldn't help but laugh too. That changed the mood rather quickly and Samuel ate his breakfast without a complaint after that. Now, for the OTHER children........