Monday, May 14, 2012

To my Mom

                        HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM!!

katie and other updates.....

Been a while. I have so much to do on a regular basis that I forget about things like my blog.  Katelyn is now 4 and, like all babies, Lily is growing like a weed.  We are enjoying our new house and looking forward to spring.  Hopefully as we get more settled I will post more regularly (it's not like I am a busy person or anything......Ha Ha Ha).

Katelyn at 4
Lily at 3 months (January)
Our first snow In the backyard of our new house
Lily at 4 1/2 months (Feb.-Mar)

Catching up!

Thanksgiving, Jacks birthday, christmas, Lily at 2 months, new years, new house, moving day.......... How much more can we squeeze into one months time? I know that once we are settled things will slow down a little but for a while there will be no rest for the weary. Here are some pics of the last month......
                                                                Lilyan at 2 months
                                                              Back Of new House

Front of new house

                                                               Jack's birthday 2011

Christmas 2011