Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Year and New Baby

January and February usually don't have anything significant going on but this year two very awesome things took place!  The first is something we have been working hard toward for a long time. Joshua went to Lynchburg, VA. ant took his LAST class for his Doctorate!  After a comprehensive exam and a 2 week wait he got the news that he passed and now has been officially accepted to do his Dissertation!! He can now be called--    Rev. Dr. Joshua C. Strunk Ed. D.  --Praise The Lord!!  Though I am still processing I am super excited and looking forward to his time being a little less divided. 
Lily in January, 15 months

Then in February we were anticipating the arrival of baby #8 and everything else got put on hold. We were expecting her early but I guess it must have been too cold for her so she waited until the 19th. But we are soooo proud to announce the birth of Emma Grace Strunk. Born on February 19, 2013 at 3:13 am. She weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long. Beautiful and healthy. God has truly blessed us overflowing!
                                                                       Emma Grace
                                                             Her first days at Home!

December and Christmas 2012

There is too much to put in one post so here is December.....

 Jack had his Birthday. The big 11 years. We all got the stomach bug the week before Christmas on his actual birthday. That was not fun but it passed and we were all OK in the end!!

                                                                       Jack 11 years
                     Jack got a bow and arrows and case!  He is really developing a love for archery.

Everyone had an awesome time! It was a welcomed gift after a week of sickness!

Sept., Oct., Nov., 2012

So here we are...a lot has obviously happened since JUNE.  Eve had a serious discussion with me and we decided that she will be taking over the blog for me since I can't seem to keep up! so hopefully you will be getting more regular updates and pics. As for now, I will update you on the last 6 months.

 September was our wonderful daughter, Eve's, 13th birthday.! We celebrated with a kind of  'coming of age' party. In the Jewish culture they call it a bat-mitzvah for a girl and a bar-mitzvah for a boy. We wanted to have a similar thing for Eve to honor and bless her.  We had a huge dinner and then Eve got baptized (by her dad, What an honor for him) and then we read some scripture and gave others an opportunity to read and bless her as well. She is such a beautiful young lady now and I feel blessed that She is my daughter.

After That we had two birthdays in October. Our second daughter, Abby, Turned 8 and Lily, Daughter 4, turned 1!! We celebrated by going to the zoo. We have been to the zoo many times but the kids love it so it has become the common field trip!

                                                                    Lily at 1 year

                                                                  Abby at 8 years

Then in November, Noah turned 3! It was also my birthday and Thanksgiving.  Fall is always a busy time of year around here!
Noah at 3 years 
Last little bit of Fall!