Friday, August 31, 2007

Children are a blessing...........

Here is an actual face picture of the kids.............. God is really a great God and my kids remind me of that every day. Children are a blessing............. The more the merrier... or cheaper by the dozen....... or whatever the saying you prefer is. We will be adding one more to the picture in March!!!! Thank you Lord for our kids!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

What is it about the beach.......

We went to the beach on Saturday and we had a good time. But what is it really that makes people desire to vacation there. Sure, maybe if you didn't have any kids (or they were older) or if you only intended to sit and watch the waves or get a tan it would be beautiful but, when you have four small becomes One Big mess!!! First, the sunscreen needs to be lathered all over 4 kids (mess). Then they get in the water and right back out with sand sticking to all of their exposed skin (mess) and they walk onto the towel needed to dry off with and now the towel has wet sticky sand all over it (mess). After a while of being in the sun the sunscreen needs to be reapplied to the wet, sand covered body (mess), and then there is the going home routine. Getting the kids out of the water and walking across the sand to the dock where you have to try to get as much sand off as possible with a small trickling shower and then get them to the car across the parking lot which is, of course, a sand lot. Then get them into dry clothes (or at least diapers on the babies) for the 30 min. ride home. Of coourse they still have sand on their bottoms and it gets in the car and on their carseats and the sand never comes out of their hair (mess, mess, mess).................................................................

But all that, I guess, really isn't as bad as it seems when you look at the pictures. We love the beach and living so close to it!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

We took the kids to the church camp yesterday because the church was having a baptism in the lake. Afterwards all the kids and adults alike got to go swimming. Our kids had a blast!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Moving Pros and Cons

There are some people who look at moving as a good thing but I find that even though there are good things there are also a lot of bad things.................

The good things:

1. everything is new, a chance to start fresh, new friends, new places etc.

2. it's like Christmas, the kids love to open boxes to find the "suprises" inside

3. you get to redecorate, everything is a perfect clean slate

4. we get to live near the beach, beautiful weekends

5. our house is big, the kids have so much space to play

6. we have tile floors, easy to clean if the kids spill or throw up

7. the weather is beautiful most of the year, we will be having a Christmas Picnic and we will be grilling our turkey and everyone is invited

8. I finally get to unpack all my things after 4 months of living with my parents

9. the kids have their own rooms with their own beds instead of sharing one like they did at Grammy and PapPap's house

10. we have a screend in porch and a pond in our back yard and the kids love having a space to run around in

The bad things:

1. everything is new.... I have no idea where things are, I get lost as soon as I leave the driveway.....

2. when the kids open boxes they just throw the stuff to the side so they can play with the boxes... they don't actually help unpack

3. redecorating is not that easy with four kids in the boxes labeled "home decor" and the stuff is nowhere (somewhere else) to be found

4. living near the beach is not that great when it just so happens to be in South Florida, on the East coast and in the middle of HURRICANE season

5. the bigger the house the bigger the mess the kids make and you have more house for the HURRICANE to destroy

6. tile floors are HARD and they need to be cleaned ALL THE TIME (I preferr the illusion of clean floors when you have carpet, you vacuum and think it's clean because it "looks" clean, or hardwoods where the dirt blends in)......

7. did I mention the HURRICANES!!!

8. the boxes are not all unpacked yet and we are going into the fourth week

9. the kids insist on sharing a room still ( but not with each other...... with Mommy and Daddy) and they will not behave at bedtime

10. the screen needs to be fixed and the pond has no barrier and the kids can't play outside much right now because it is too hot and the yard needs to be sprayed for fire ants

Anyway, we are now officially residents of Florida and we really do like it here. Any transition is hard and they always have pros and cons but if God is in it then it is all worth it. Joshua loves his job, I love my house and the kids love having their own place. Hope you enjoy the pics of the new place..............